organic garden

Compatible plants

Agriculture can be defined as the art of cultivating soil; this is done in order for it to produce quality crops. This may also vary by adding livestock in the farming. This is done to prepare the market for the resulting produce. Farming depends on the soil that the seeds will be put in. It therefore takes a good soil, sunlight and nutrients to ensure the garden produces good products. Under the above condition the plants have to grow well with one another. According to agriculture terms plants are friends and some are enemies. It is therefore good for one to know the types of plants that are friendly and not.
Below are the groups of plants that can be planted in the same garden and they become friendly.

• Blueberries, mountain laurel and other ericaceous plants are known to be a heath family plants that thrive in the acidic soils that are created by pines and oaks

• The shade flowers plants are plants that seek to be sheltered through there thick shallow roots

• Other plants that can be compared are the legumes and some trees. Such plants have symbiotic and they relate with a bacteria in the soil that help them to capture nitrogen from the air in order to convert it to fertilizer for them to enrich themselves.

A vegetable garden can be defined as a small piece of garden or land that can be planted crops or vegetables. In order for your garden to prosper and produce good farm products below are the tips for your vegetable garden.

• Most companion planning are common sense- they include lettuce, radishes and other growing plants sown in between the hills of melon and winter squash. This makes one garden plants to mature and be harvested long before the vines needed.

• Some plants especially herbs act as repellents of confusing insects with their strong odors that mask the scent of the intended host plants.

• Leafy plants that are greens and leafy area such as spinach and kales are grown in the shadow of corn.

• Sunflowers are also good for one’s garden. This is because they appreciate the dapple shadow that corn casts and because their roots occupy different levels in the soil. These plants don’t compete for water and nutrients.

Incompatible plants

onion gardenThese are plants that are incompatible with other plant. These plants cannot be planted in the same garden with other plants. It is therefore known that they don’t relate well with other plants. They include

• White garlic and onions- these are plants that repel a plethora of pests and they can make excellent neighbors for most of the garden. The growth of plants such as beans and peas are stunted in their presence.

• Plants like beans and potatoes grow poorly in the company of sunflowers and although cabbage and they become closely related, and don’t like each other at all.